Why Green Dog?

Why Green Dog Foam Solutions?

Bringing Comfort Home

Our background is in construction. We have been determined to remain educated in the building and construction sciences. The wealth of building science knowledge we have acquired over our more than thirty years in the industry has prepared us to fully understand how a home or building functions. With Spray Foam insulation, you can live in a comfortable, healthy home that substantially conserves energy and saves you money every month. That’s why we knew we had to offer it to our customers and educate them.

We understand that you want to be green and help the environment without sacrificing comfort. The energy conserved using Spray Foam lets you live comfortably in your home while enjoying large savings every month on your utility bills, a reduction in CO2 being released into the atmosphere, a comfortable space where drafts, allergens and mold won’t prevail, and peace of mind knowing you are using a sustainable product that will last a lifetime.

Why the Dog?

Our rescued dog Rogue, the real live canine behind Green Dog, gives our family great comfort. She’s our best friend and a joy to be with. We get a wonderfully warm and cozy feeling every time she cuddles up next to us on the couch.

When we rescued Rogue, we changed her life. We didn’t realize how much she would change ours. Our family feels so safe and secure with her here. One day cuddling on the couch with her, we realized that Spray Foam brought those same qualities we enjoyed with Rogue to our home: warmth, coziness and safety. It wasn’t drafty and leaky anymore. Instead, it felt warm. It was performing much better.

Moreover, we felt reassured knowing that our insulation was environmentally friendly and sustainable. We were comforted knowing it will last a lifetime and that we’ll enjoy lower energy bills.

Our customers tell us they count on us to help them make the best choices for their homes because of our integrity, honesty and reliability. You can count on us to help you make the best choice, too. Rest assured knowing you are always safe and secure with Green Dog.


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