As summer approaches you may feel the effects of your attic heat gain as you walk up your steps to the second floor. Did you know that your attic can reach temperatures of over 130 degrees in the summer? That heat gain dissipates into the rest of your home. That’s why you can feel the temperature warm as you climb your steps.

If your HVAC system is housed in your attic, it will be strained because the very hot temperatures in the attic cause it to repeatedly cycle on. The ducts that carry the conditioned air into the rest of the home are also heated in the hot attic. All this translates into higher energy costs.

With the power of Spray Foam, in a day or two your attic can be transformed from a warming oven to a ‘semi-conditioned’ space. The improved attic space will remain closer to the temperature of the rest of the home stopping the heat gain and helping your HVAC equipment perform more efficiently.


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