Attics are the most popular retrofit Spray Foam application for existing homes. Why? Because up to 60% of your heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer is lost and gained through your roofline. If you are paying for energy, you don’t want it flying out of your house like ten dollar bills out an open window on a windy day. You want to capture it and maximize it.

Applying Spray Foam on an attic roofline cuts the energy lose. It keeps the money you spend on energy working for you. With a performance guarantee for the life of the home, your attic Spray Foam translates into measurable energy savings every month forever. 

When Green Dog Foam insulates your attic, we are pushing the thermal envelope of the home to the outside of the building envelope effectively converting an unconditioned space that leaks air into a semi-conditioned, well insulated and air-sealed space.  The traditional yet outdated method of insulating the ceiling joists, or floor of the attic, creates a pocket of very hot air in summer and cold air in winter that makes it difficult to regulate the temperature of the home especially on the floor below the attic.

Unvented & Vented Attics for Existing Buildings (Spray Foam Magazine)


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